7th December 2021 
About Me. patsynew


Welcome to my website about Homeopathy.

I graduated from Westminster University in 2004 after successfully completing a BSc (Hons) Health Science degree in homeopathy. Prior to my homeopathic studies my full-time career was nursing. I have spent thirty years in the sphere of conventional medicine, specialising and working in the field of intensive care for the last twenty five years. I still nurse in intensive care, but on a part-time basis. As a homeopathic practitioner I personally find my conventional medical background an asset. My advanced body of knowledge and experience allows me to make a detailed assessment of physiology function and quickly identify symptoms that warrant a conventional medical referral and those that may benefit from homeopathy. I am also in a position to suggest specific tests and investigations that may help to explain symptoms if necessary.

You may be asking why I chose to pursue another career in complementary medicine with a specific interest in homeopathy. At 12 years old I was diagnosed with a chronic skin condition. My personal experience of homeopathy persuaded me that a career in that field was the right choice for me.

About Me. plant2The increasing awareness and acceptance of homeopathy amongst the general public provided a favourable time for my change in career. Furthermore and more importantly, it was an ideal career change for me as it allows me to maintain patient contact.

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