7th December 2021 

What does homeopathic treatment involve?

A comprehensive and confidential first consultation can last up to one and a half hours. During that time your homeopath will ask about your illness and symptoms. To obtain a complete assessment your homeopath will need to know more about you as an individual. Therefore, questions will be related to your moods/feelings, how you are affected by environmental factors, such as the temperature and weather, what kind of foods you enjoy or avoid, your medical and family history, present medications/supplements and anything else that might be relevant or that concerns you, no matter how small…

Some of the questions may seem irrelevant, but they are important to build an individual symptom picture of you.

In the treatment of a new born and young child your homeopath will ask about the pregnancy and birth, as well as post natal events.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

What does Treament involve?. plant7Your case is then carefully analysed and the remedy you are prescribed will be bespoke and tailored to meet your needs, matching you and your symptoms as closely as possible. Occasionally, a liquid remedy is prescribed.

Due to the detailed assessment of each case, prescriptions are rarely given at the time of the consultation, but will be posted to you within a week of your consultation.

Follow-up consultations are conducted 4-5 weeks after the first prescription and can last up to 1 hour. Your homeopath will ask about changes that have occured, before deciding on the next step in your treatment. Telephone advice is available between appointments.

What does Treament involve?. plantgreen3You will be advised to avoid coffee and peppermint (notably found in toothpaste and chewing gum). You will also be advised to avoid preparations containing camphor, menthol and eucalyptus (notably found in lip salves, tiger balm, vick, essential oils, deep heat treatments, cough mixtures and lozenges). These substances have the potential to antidote the remedies action. Tea and decaffeinated coffee are acceptable and you can obtain pleasantly flavoured toothpaste from most health food shops.

After your consultations please make notes of any changes that you notice, even if they appear to be unrelated to the presenting symptoms of the consultation. The changes can be far reaching, affecting your mood/emotions, as well as your physical well-being.

Similarly, old symptoms that have often been forgotten ‘may’ reappear, which is in fact a positive sign from a homeopathic point of view. Please don’t think this means that you will feel ill again! If this happens the symptoms usually make a relatively brief reappearance before clearing of their own accord.

Occasionally, symptoms can at first be exacerbated before an improvement is seen and if this happens it should be temporary. If any response to your treatment concerns you please contact your homeopath, as it's important to know what happens between consultations. Many patients email updates between consultations, which are helpful to receive and can be easily added to your case notes.

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